Installation after 2 years untouched

   inside gutter channel after 2 years 
            GUTTER GUARD
For free flowing gutters

DIY system
 thats, Durable, Effective, Easy to Install, and Maintain 


 Quickslide Gutter Guards are incredibly fast and easy to install low profile gutter guards, fits all 5k or 6k gutters. Made of a semi circular durable ultra tough Pvc 24 in long x 3/32 thick (almost 1/8 thick), with alternating upper and lower slots for effective filtration and water intake. To install, place ladder at center of the gutter. Start by simply sliding sections together in the gutter, pushing sections laterally to the right under the gutter hangars, you will need 2”5/8 inches from gutter hangers to the bottom of gutter to slide gutter guards. When the first slid section installed reaches the end of the gutter, using no snaps, clips or screws, start the same process, sliding sections to the left, untill it reaches the other end. When completed, all installed sections will converge to your current ladder position, reducing ladder time, setup time and promoting a faster, safer job environment. Lastly, install the last remaining section, at your current ladder position, which will lock the system in place. If the last section is less than a 2 ft section, simply measure and cut section to fit, using a fine tooth saw (hacksaw). Watch our video on how to install QUICKSLIDE gutter protection. Installing  18 ft. of gutterguard in 44 seconds. Its just that easy to install.   No snaps,clips, screws or anything else that makes
gutter protection more difficult or near impossible to do yourself.  Quickslide gutter guard sits low in the gutter, so not to effect the appearance of the house. This low
profile helps to protect the gutter guards in high winds and increase its effectiveness.  Explained in the How it works page. View, our system  performance after a 1  foot snow. See the results of the 1st and 2nd year installation in the Put to the Test page.   
                                Patent Pending 


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